From Eilish Wong

– Professional Artist

To me, prophetic art is totally the work of the Holy Spirit, it is the art which tells the word of God, and reveals the heart of our Heavenly Father.

Most of my paintings were done under worship time when God revealed to me through visions and the resonance of music and colours at the very moment.

I experience no coincidence how God works through prophetic paintings in people’s lives. I have painted a prophet’s exact revelation from God a month later, without acknowledging one another before; different individuals come to me separately to tell the meaning of my painting, yet all three sharing complete the idea of the piece as how God revealed to me. I have more to share, but it is impossible to tell all.

All in all, I believe the paintings bestowed the presence and anointing of the Holy Spirit which will always become a blessing and reminder to your life, home and surroundings.


Eilish Wong

Professional Artist