My Dream 1-Wheat Forest 我的夢境 1-麥子森林
My Dream 1-Wheat Forest 我的夢境 1-麥子森林
Media: Acrylic On Canvas
Size: 122 (W) x 91 (H) cm
Production: 2016
Painting code: GO0028
Private Collection
The first painting of the dream The dream took me into a tunnel with wheat and straw Works in a surreal style to draw, express the exaggerated height of wheat and straw and the momentum of wheat in the Bible represents the grain of life.   All the way to the bright exit represent that will I have a prosperous harvest? 以夢境為題的第一幅畫作 夢境帶我走進了 一個以麥子與稻草的隧道 作品以超現實的風格去畫出,表達麥子和稻草的誇張的高度及氣勢 麥子在聖經中代表著生命之糧  一路走向光明的出口 是代表我將會有豐盛的收割嗎?