My Dream 4 -life 我的夢境 4 -生命
My Dream 4 -life 我的夢境 4 -生命
Media: Pastel on Paper
Size: 79 (W)x 109.5 (H) cm
Production: 2016
Painting code: Li0045


The fourth painting with a dream title.  The second piece of the grain of the wheat forest, out of the wheat forest, to see the sunny sky, look down in the flowers of the flowers. Each flower can be life metaphorically, living a life should be the brightest like brilliant flower! 以夢境為題的第四幅畫作 續麥子森林的第二幅畫作,走出了麥子森林後,就看到陽光普照的天空,低頭一望就在花海之中 . 每朵花可比喻生命,應活出璀燦的生命 像花朵般鮮艷燦爛!