My Dream 2 -Freedom 我的夢境 2 -自由
My Dream 2 -Freedom 我的夢境 2 -自由
Media: Pastel on Paper
Size: 79 (W)x 109.5 (H) cm
Production: 2016
Painting code: PO0015


The second painting with a dream.  The dream brought me into the night sky, looked up and found the Galaxy and the Northern Lights. At that moment, I was shock and can not tell and I would like to express the scene in this artwork. 以夢境為題的第二幅畫作 這次夢境帶我走進了夜空,仰起頭時發現銀河與北極光 此刻有說不出的震撼 想藉着此作品表達當時的情景。