Hold My Hand
Hold My Hand
Media: Pastel on Paper
Size: 75(H)x55cm(W)
Production: Sept 2017
Painting code: Li0051


The big hand in the work represent the Father and the little hand represent ourselves Take a worn-out hairy doll on hand (representing past experiences and things) Is it a good thing to hold this doll? ----------------------------------------------- Many times you have encountered many things in your life There were laughter and tears, but somethings are difficult to let go When I was most frustrated, you always hold my little hand to accompany me through the shadow of Death Valley.. ----------------------------------------------- Finally, He said to me: Can you give me the doll? ----------------------------------------------- 作品中的大手代表天父,小手代表自己 手上帶著一隻破舊的毛公仔(代表過去不如意的經歷與事情) 緊緊握住這隻毛公仔是好事嗎? ----------------------------------------------- 很多時候 在人生當中 會遇到很多事情 有笑也有淚的,有些事情卻難以放下的 當我最失意的時候 祢總挽著我的小手陪伴我走過死蔭憂谷.. ----------------------------------------------- 最後,祂對我說: 你可以把毛公仔交給我嗎? -----------------------------------------------