Shirley Chan

When I first began as an artist it was the subject of cats that captivated me. I believe it is because cats are creatures with very beautiful qualities. And I just love to capture it for everyone to see.

As a person born of the post eighties, our society may view us as outspoken but deeply we love Hong Kong as we express. I am a 3rd generation Christian having gone through a journey of enlightenment, having been lost and then found by His Amazing Love and Grace.  With these unique qualities I pray Our Heavenly Father will use them through me, as an upcoming artist to bless our community and society today and forever. Amen!



同樣,我也是 –







Art exhibition

2017          “Bless Asia 2017 Exhibition” in Central Library

2016          “Never give up” in Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre

2014           Art to Fly 10th exhibition薈彩25第十屆年展展覽

2012          “Crown of Glory” in Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre

2011            Become an art student of Master Frank Kwok