Jenny Lam

Ever since I wanted my dream as my career.  I love to create different art-related things such as hand-made art works, body painting and some unrestrained things,  besides I often have some surreal dreams.

I believe that what I have the inspiration and the gift of art, which are from the Heavenly Father to me, so I would like to use their own creation to bring a little life and a positive message, but also can slowly understand the creator behind.

從小已想以夢想為職業的我 熱愛創作不同與藝術有關的事物 例如手作 身體彩繪及一些天馬行空的東西,另外也經常發一些超現實的夢境。

認為我擁有的靈感與藝術的恩賜是天父給我的, 所以想藉著自己的創作帶給人一點生命及正面的訊息,也可從而慢慢認識背後那位造物主。

Art exhibition

2017          “Bless Asia 2017 Exhibition” in Central Library

2016          “Never give up” in Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre