Calvin Lai

他是一個普通人,基督徒,小時候最喜愛畫畫,有次他將在畫室貼堂的畫帶回家, 並貼在冰箱上面,可惜母親把它丟掉,從此有接近20年沒再畫畫。那惡者總是用盡辦法令人跌倒,感恩的是神從沒有忘記衪給每一個人的天賦,為的是榮耀衪的名,今天他畫的是衪的啟示、訊息及異像。對他及其他欣賞他的作品的人而言,這是何等美好。

Calvin is an ordinary person, Christian who was fond of painting since early childhood.  There are times, a painting was chosen to be posted on his art class, he brought back home and posted in the refrigerator, however his mom threw away this painting, since then he was so discouraged and had not painted for 20 years. The enemy might find ways to make us fall, but this is thankful that God He never forget the gifts He has given to everyone, for glorifying His Holy name. Today, Calvin paints His revelations, messages and visions.  This is so wonderful for him and people who viewed his works.